Please contact CSA by phone at (978)397-6481 or email dean@csandover.org to arrange an interview if you are interested in the following positions. Thank you.

1. Chinese Language Teacher
As CSA's growth continuous, we are in demand for more Chinese language teachers to prepare for future growth. Candidates with previous Chinese language teaching experiences are preferred but not required. Must have formal training in Chinese language.

2. Backup Chinese language Teachers
CSA is looking for substitute teachers. Potential to be a formal CSA teacher in the future if interested.

3. Administrative Staff
CSA is looking for administrative staff to join its management committee for its daily operation. Being an administrative staff, you will also be involved in making major strategic decisions. We are looking for candidate who are dedicated, have a strong volunteering spirit and are willing to commit their best to help others and the CSA community.

4. Volunteer
As a volunteer based, non-profit organization, CSA is always looking for and welcomes anyone, high school students, parents, grandparents, or one just wants to help, to join our volunteer team to help out CSA, from individual classroom activities, school activities, to fund raising and specific program or project benefits CSA community.

5. High School Student to be a CSA Teaching Assistant
CSA only accept high school students as TA applicants for either language and culture classes. Anyone who are interested in being a CSA TA, please submit (as described above) application of interest with goals and purpose to CSA Teaching Director.