Sponsors and Partners

CSA sincerely thanks the following individual and organizations for their continuous support to CSA:
* China Buffet 436 Broadway # 10, Methuen, MA 01844-2061 (978) 685-9688


CSA, a 501(c)3, non-profit organization, welcomes donations and and sponsorships from individual and corporates who share and support CSA's persuasion of social culture diversification and exchange.

Three types of sponsorships:
* Donation(download form)
* Seminar-only sponsorship
* School event & program sponsorship
Please refer details about ways to support CSA in the CSA sponsorship Guideline. Please contact the principal@csandover.org or call 978-397-6481 if you have additional questions about how to sponsor and support CSA. Thanks!


CSA is proud to have Prudential Financial as CSA Gold Sponsor of American corporates.


CSA is forming with Kylin TV as Media Partner – CSA will benefit for each Kylin TV customer who signs up through the following phone number:
Phone: (888) 703-9781
User ID: chinesesa
Password: admin312

You can also use the link to sign up KyLin TV: http://www.kylintvnewengland.com/price_plan.htm

More information about Kylin TV can be found at its website: www.kylintv.com

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