Governed by its board, CSA's operations are guided and implemented by the following teams
1. Administration Committee: Lead by the Principal, the administrative staffs manages CSA's day to day operation.s

2. Teaching Staff: A key component of CSA, CSA teachers provide the most important and the only service CSA offers to our students: to teach knowledge and to help learning. They are a group of dedicated, knowledgeable professionals who are undertaking CSA's job of teaching as community service volunteers not just because they want to help our community, but most importantly, because they love to teach! Our teachers constantly do more than they are asked to do so to ensure the students are learning Chinese language and Chinese culture with fun and notable progress.

Please refer to corresponding programs (Sunday Program, Afterschool Program) for detailed information about CSA teachers.

3. Parent Representatives: Elected by each class, CSA Parent Representatives are the key communicators between CSA parents and the school management committee. They also help both school-wide and individual classroom activities.