Handbook and Policies

1. CSA Bylaws.

2. CSA program Rules and Policies:
* CSA Code of Conduct
* CSA Student Rule
* CSA Teacher Rule
* CSA Parent Rule
* CSA Activity Rule
* CSA Gym Use Rule
* Activity Policy on CSA Premise

* CSA Weather Cancellation Policy

3. CSA Forms:
* CSA Donation Form
* CSA TA Information Sheet
* CSA Registration Cancelation Form

4. Community Service Confirmation Letter to 3rd Party:
By request, CSA can provide confirmation letter to 3rd party for CSA TA. Please note that CSA can only do so for an high school student
a). who was prior approved as CSA TA by CSA Teaching Director and acknowledged by CSA Community Services Director and Principal, and
b). after consulting with the TA's assigned supervisor

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CSA_TA_InfoSheet.pdf35.48 KB
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CSADonation_Form.pdf31.34 KB
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