first day of school

09/17/2017 - 00:49

Dear CSA families,

We have a smooth school start this past Sunday thanks to your cooperation. Majority of the students have settled down in their classes. Understand that a few of you may still try to find the right class fit for your children, we encourage you to email your teacher or us via during the week should you have any questions so that we can make the best arrangement for you based on your children' need before next school day.

The talk given by Dr. Feng was very well attended and feedback well received. We will start to explore the possibility of having additional class open here in our CSA Sunday program or after school program. Please stay tuned. Please note our in house Math teacher Tu is already offering a class using Dr. Feng's material on Sundays, inquire if you are interested but not yet register.
We have 2 announcements:
1) Time to enter and exit school ground:
The entrance gate and the exit gate to the parking lot as well as the front door to the building will be open at 1:00pm normally and locked up by 5:15pm on each of the school days. Please exit the property in a timely manner when all classes and activities are done by 5:00PM. This includes exiting the building and leaving the outside (soccer ) fields. once the gates are locked by 5:15PM, your car will not be able to exit the parking lot. Also, because we are using the security systems in the building, please do not keep the doors leading to outside open with any blocking objects without prior approval. This may lead to false alarms on the security systems in the building and unnecessary cost for the school. We appreciate your cooperations!

2) Youth Flee market this Sunday, 09/17 12:30-1:30PM in cafeteria.
All CSA students are invited to bring unused toys and books, costumes from home to trade with or to sell to friends in school. We encourage everyone to perform the transactions with the Chinese they learned (e.g. amounts and numbers, polite phrases, etc. ). Younger children need to be accompanied by an adult. We are also looking for about 10 older student volunteers and parent volunteers to ensure this event runs smoothly, fun and safe. If you or your child are able to help, please check in to the front desk with our staff to get a school t-shirt (to be returned later after the event). Hope to see you there to join in the fun.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!