school rule reminder

02/20/2017 - 21:46
07/20/2017 - 21:46

Reminder: Except the identified and assigned classrooms and space in Pike, anyone from Chinese school without the permission from Chinese school cannot use Pike’s other equipment such as: kosher coffee machine, library books, or unassigned classrooms and functional rooms. Please pay attention to comply with our agreement with Pike. Let us maintain a good relation of cooperation with Pike. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!
提醒一下: 我们中文学校在Pike,除了使用确定和分配好的教室和空间, 任何人未经中文学校许可,不能使用Pike其他的设备如: kosher 咖啡机, 图书馆的书, 或进入没有分配的教室和功能房间。请大家注意遵守我们和Pike的约定,让我们和Pike 保持良好的合作关系。谢谢大家的理解和合作!