A volunteer-based, non-profit, non-political, and non-religious organization, Chinese School Andover (CSA) offers Sunday Program and an affiliated New Era Afterschool Enrichment Program. CSA strives to provide the best in quality of customized education in learning Chinese language and to promote community-oriented cultural diversification and exchanges among our societies. It is the vision of CSA to have a Chinese school for everyone.

Coming Weekend Classes Changed to Saturday, the 28th

Dear All,

Due to The hosting school's facility issue, CSA will change the coming weekend classes to Saturday, the 28th. Classes hours will remain unchanged.

We apologize for any inconvenience this causes.

To student who may have to miss out the class session, please contact your classroom teacher for help to catch up the missing content.

Thank you,


"General Theory on Chinese History and Ideology" - By Dr. Lu Huifeng

"中国历史与思想史通论" - 陆惠风老先生主讲


CSA 2015 Chinese New Year Party on Sunday, March 1st, Starting at 1:30 PM

Dear All CSA Families,

This is a letter from the New Year’s party Committee - formed by a group of high school and middle school students who are also CSA students.

We would like to remind you that the Chinese New Year's Party is THIS Sunday (3/1/15). Please attend this party and have amazing time watching the CSA students perform from their respective classes. It is a day full of laughter, enjoyment, and a day to have fun!

CSA has No School on Sunday, February 15th

This is to remind that, according to school calendar, there is no school on Sunday, the 15th.

Enjoy the school winter break. Be safe and warm.

See you on the 22nd.


Seminar : Dr. Zhang from Lexington Eye Care

02/08/2015 - 13:45
02/08/2015 - 15:30

Dr. Zhang will talk about how myopia will affect eye health and what we can do to correct and control myopia progression. Dr. Zhang will also discuss why some Ortho-K lenses could not control myopia progression effectively and how to maximize Ortho-K’s myopia control effect.

No School on Sunday, January 18th

According to CSA calendar, there is no school tomorrow, the 18th.

Enjoy the time off and stay warm,


Spring'15 On-site Registration

Dear All,

This is to remind that on-site registration for Spring'15 is between January 11th and 25th.

We also want to kindly remind that there is a presentation and Q/A session about CSA AMC 8 Math and CSA Competition Math. The presentation will start at 2:00 PM on the 11th, tomorrow.

See you at the school.


Introducing CSA AMC Math

New Year's Greetings!

Starting from Spring'2015, we are offering a new Math program "AMC 8 and Beyond".

The Teacher: Hongyu Yue, EE PhD.
Dr. Yue is an experienced and successful AMC teacher. His students have achieved excellent scores both AMC 8 and AMC 10: MA state #1 in 2014 Grade 5th AMC 8 (most likely #1 nationwide), TX state #1 in 2013 AMC 10, to name a couple.

The Time and Hours:
Sundays when CSA operates and each class will be 90 minutes

Tuition and Materials Fee:
$420 for 14 classes in Spring'15 semester.

Happy Holidays!

We wish all CSA friends and families to have a wonderful holiday season! May the New Year bring your family Joy, Happiness, and Prosperity!

See you on January 4th in 2015!


The Andover Asian Culture and Arts Night - A Wonderful Night

Dear CSA Friends and Families,

While it was a heavy raining night, it certainly did not stop more than 1100 attendees for the very 1st Andover Asian Culture and Arts Nights on the 6th.

Thanks to the beautiful performances from Bright Pearl Dance, the fun and sometime 'serious' performances of CSA kids, and the professional directing from Joanna Zhou, we hope everyone had a wonderful evening and thoroughly enjoyed the terrific show.

And, like all CSA participated events, it is impossible without the extra time and effort from many volunteers in our community.